My work on Maoma began in 2004 when I started to create my characters and gradually developed my own individual and unique style.

Over the past 10 years I have been living in Amsterdam where I worked on collaborative projects with other artists. During this time I have had exhibitions in galeries in European cities such as Berlin, Rotterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Torino and Barcelona but also in Los Angeles.

During this period I have been honing my skills and rening my craft in order to transform my cuddly stued characters into an art form of soft sculptures.

All the characters that I have made are created and designed as a unique piece and completely made by hand. To make my soft sculptures I mostly use textile materials.

Maoma is a playful world full of colour. In MaomaLand anything is possible.

More info: www.maomaland.com

E-mail: maoma@maomaland.com


The Maoma workshops will focus on contemporary character design, which confronts questions of space, the ‘architecture’ of a character and touches on photograph, lm, and inuences of various forms of urban expressionism.

The workshops will include presentations of my work, actual hands-on artists creation, lm screenings and the nal resulting group exhibitions.

The aim of the workshop is to create something from nothing, to learn another point of contemporary art and to bilt your own imaginary doll. (from a scary voodoo dool to a cute and funny pillow.)

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